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Insight into the charm of aluminum alloy profiles


What is aluminum alloy doors and windows, I am afraid that someone may not understand. Aluminum alloy is a new type of material with light weight, high strength, good electrical and thermal conductivity, beautiful appearance, and environmental protection. It has excellent mechanical properties and processing performance. At present, the most widely used aluminum alloy profiles in the field of interior decoration for aluminum alloy doors and windows, cabinets, curtain walls, etc. But aluminum alloy profiles  is still in the initial stage of development, the market share is small.

However, with the rising costs of traditional home furnishing and other raw materials, the traditional home furnishing industry is facing severe challenges. The constant reduction in profits has caused many homeless people to suffer. Looking for alternatives to traditional household materials, control of costs is imperative. The appearance of aluminum alloy material seems to give the hope of home life people. It is reported that since 2012, China has become the world's largest aluminum production base and consumer market. Among them, industrial aluminum profiles account for about 30% of the total aluminum profiles. At the same time, the consumption ratios in Europe, North America, and Japan reached 60%, 55%, and 40% respectively, which is much higher than that of China. Therefore, aluminum alloy profiles have a wide development prospect and room for growth in China.