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All-aluminum bridge structure are made by aluminum alloy extrusion profile


Learned from the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision official website, recently,  the national standard "aluminum alloy bridge structure extruded aluminum profile" was officially released by the Guangdong Yongli Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. and other 15 enterprises and institutions.  It fills the gap in the aluminum alloy extrusions used in aluminum-free structures in China. The standard will be formally implemented on May 1, 2018. 

At present, there are no special standards for aluminum alloy extruded profiles for aluminum structures, and there are no technical regulations and specifications for the construction, testing, and maintenance of aluminum alloy structural bridges. This has affected the overall quality improvement and application of aluminum alloys, greatly restricting aluminum development of alloy bridges. "All-aluminum bridge structure aluminum alloy extrusion profiles" specifies the requirements, test methods, and inspection rules for aluminum alloy extruded profiles for aluminum-alloy bridge structures. Its main technical indicators are formulated with reference to international standards, and the requirements for hydrogen content, ultrasonic flaw detection, shear performance, and welding seam welding performance have been increased, and have reached the international advanced level.  

The promotion and application of this standard will help promote the industrialization and technical upgrading of China's aluminum extrusion products, lead to a significant increase in the quality level, and effectively increase the competitiveness of such products in the domestic and foreign markets, and thus lead the development of the entire industry.