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How to choose household hardware accessories, hardware accessories installation of common sense


Household hardware pendant is small, but very high usage in the home, the lack of hardware pendant, your life will bring a lot of inconvenience, it is not only essential hardware ornaments, but also serious purchase. The following small as we choose how to organize household hardware pendant knowledge, and introduce some common sense to install metal pendant, and I hope you can help.

First, from the material, the metal pendant copper, stainless steel, aluminum, alloys, plastic and so are several. We recommend buying copper fittings. Because oxidized aluminum alloy will rust, the plastic deformation of stainless steel a long time will rust. Bronze plated through good would not have these problems. In particular, it is the best base, moisture-proof and waterproof brass.

Second, select the pendant is the most difficult to see, with a coating is essential for copper pendant, it relates to the life of the product, finish and durability. So how to judge a key copper coating and the bad? Good glossy black coating, there is a sense of moist, smooth coating; coating is inferior luster dim. Coating the surface of wavy ups and downs, and even depression. Further more wear-resistant coating is good, the store where businesses put out samples every day to clean, basically can not see a good product surface scratches, while the surface of the product will be inferior to the dense scratches.

Third, the same copper, but also into hollow tubes and solid copper, the proposed purchase of the hollow tube. After all, just hang to hang towels, solid rod of ridiculously expensive, but not necessary.

Here are some common sense to install home hardware pendant.

Towel Rack: mainly installed in the tub outside, about 1.8 meters in height from the ground. Place towel upper and lower tube can hang towels.

Soap network, soap ashtray: Multi-sided disc is mounted on the face of the wall, and make Taiwan into a line. It may be combined with a single or double cup holder cup holder. Soap network can also be mounted in the wall of the bathroom, to facilitate bathing. Multi soap ashtray mounted to one side near the toilet, convenience Shan soot.

Racks, makeup shelf: single layer shelf multi-plate mounted above the wash, the lower the mirror. Height from the basin to 30 cm is appropriate. More than double racks mounted on the face plate on both sides.

Hook: Can be mounted on a wall outside the bathroom, the ground should be 1.7 meters in height. Used in the shower for hanging clothes. A plurality of hooks may also be used in combination.

Corner glass shelf: mainly installed above the washing machine in the corner of the pitch frame surface and washing machines to 35 cm is appropriate. For washing powder, soap, detergent and the like is placed. Can also be installed in the corner of the kitchen, place the oil, wine and other spices. Visual spatial location to install multiple combinations corner shelf.

Towel rack: side mounted toilet, hand easily accessible, and less obvious places. 60 cm from the ground generally appropriate.

Double towel bar: can be installed in the open central portion of the walls of the bathroom. When installed separately, from about 1.5 meters.

Single towel bar: can be installed in the open central portion of the walls of the bathroom. From about 1.5 meters.

Single cup holder, dual cup holders: Usually mounted on the face plate on both sides of the wall, and make a stand in a line. Used for placing toothbrush and toothpaste.

Toilet Brush: Multi mounted on the rear side of the toilet wall, about 10 centimeters from the bottom of the cup.

Through the understanding of the above knowledge, presumably everyone on how to choose the home hanging hardware problem with awareness, common sense to install metal pendant can help you find a reasonable position for your metal pendant. Metal pendant is small, but significant role, must be taken seriously.