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Aluminum frame glass wine cabinet


We are honored to introduce our Aluminum frame glass wine cabinet . All the aluminum materials used in this glass wine cabinet are processed from high-quality aluminum, paired with tempered glass. Colors and sizes can be customized. The selection of surface treatment for aluminum frames includes Matt Champagne, Brush Matt Champagne, Matt Gold, Matt Gold Brush, Ceramic Champagne, Brush Ceramic Champagne, Ceramic antique brass, Ceramic Black,  Ceramic Grey, Ceramic  Champagne, ceramic antique brass and so on. Glass can be selected as clear glass, tea glass, gray glass, green glass, etc.

The back plate can be optionally equipped with a wooden back plate,  aluminium plate and acrylic plate etc. The thickness of the wooden board is available in three options: 18MM, 25MM, and 36MM.For the intermediate layer board, most consumers will choose glass layer board because glass layer board is more beautiful, and the thickness of glass layer board can be chosen from 25MM and 36MM.

The aluminum frame wine rack laminate has two options: leather surface and non leather surface. Leather comes in three colors: apricot white, Italian gray, and mocha brown The size of the wine glass holder can be customized, with five options available: KA04, KA06, top mounted creative wine glass holder, curved side mounted wine glass holder, and double hole wine glass holder.

 The glass wine cabinet has two options: with light and without light.The color temperature of the light strip is 3000K, providing the most beautiful lighting presentation for the wine cabinet.

 The width of the glass door is 0.5meters, the recommended styles for glass doors are K1600+K1600, K2093+K2094, the hinge of the glass door is equipped with a heavy-duty hinge with a buffered load-bearing capacity of 35KG,the maximum height of the cabinet is 2.6meters, the conventional depths of wine cabinets are 400mm, 500mm, and 600mmand the maximum opening angle of the glass door is 180 degrees. It is equipped with a universal hinge with a max load-bearing capacity of 35kg, which has the function of slowing down and shock-absorbing when closing the door. Interpreting the complementarity between parts and the whole with a light luxurious way, integrating the wine cabinet and dining cabinet into one, increasing functionality and enriching the fun of the space. Coupled with embedded lighting, creating a pure sense of detail in daily life.